Maryland has a new governor. Republican Larry Hogan is now the Governor of Maryland with Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford by his side. Most political correspondence would say the Maryland Governors race was one of the most shocking upsets that took place Election Day. It seemed as though Anthony Brown was a sure win given all the political super stars he had campaigning with him. From President Obama and first lady Michelle to Bill Clinton and Hilary Rodham Clinton, Brown had huge support from the Democratic Party. His budget was twice that of Hogan’s giving him more financial leverage to share his platform to Maryland residence. Maryland democratic voters also outnumber republicans 2 to 1. The Brown/ Ulman ticket was a sure thing.


Martin O’Malley presided as the Democratic Governor for eight years with Anthony Brown as Lt. Governor. However, it is a fact that no lieutenant governor has ever rose to the top to be elected governor. I’m sure Anthony Brown and his team knew this. However, they didn’t go the distance or do enough to distinguish themselves from the O’Malley administration. Marylanders sent a clear message Tuesday. Many were simply fed up with the tax hikes and the unemployment rate. Maryland residences want change. There is an impervious surface tax (rain tax), flush tax, alcoholic beverage sales tax increased, numerous transportation tax increases, electricity rate increase, birth certificate tax, death certificate tax, real property transfer tax, hospital assessment fees and the list goes on.  All the tax hikes have a major impact on the local economy. 


Brown would have been the first black governor of Maryland, only the third black governor elected in the United States and the only lieutenant governor to become governor. There was a lot at stake for him as well as the state of Maryland. Now that Hogan is next up, what does that mean for Maryland?


Hogan promises to roll back various taxes. He also made a pledge to increase jobs. While I’m not certain how he will accomplish these goals, I’ll certainly be keeping a watchful eye on how he will fulfill these promises. The legislative body is still controlled by democrats. He’ll have to use his business acumen and negotiation skills to be successful. Winning is only the beginning, doing is what he’ll be remembered for.


I’m hopeful that change will be delivered in positive way for the state. The next four years will be interesting. Stay tuned.


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